Gloom of Kilforth: Gloom of Kilforth

Gloom of Kilforth

Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game is an adventure card game, which can be played competitively or cooperatively.  I spent years designing the game and it has gone through various iterations as a board, tile and now card game.  It is now finished and in hand with a publisher, but here are some design notes if you're interested.  The art is not mine and will all be replaced in the final edition...

The Rules Version 2.0  are finally here!  Nearly missed my own deadline too...

Please check for errors, grammar, and any other uncertainties and ask away here if you have any questions.  I've incorporated feedback from everyone who got back to me about the beta testing and have tried to cover everything that came up in the Living FAQ thread on this very site.

So thanks for all your help in getting the game this far and here’s to moving on to the next stage, with a sneak preview of the new Saga layouts below:

Fantasy Quest session reports from the Fans:

Some days EVERYTHING goes your way, by BGGer Toc13 (Chris Stanton):

DEMON WIZARD "Live to tell..." from BGG user Lestat Lioncourt:

Fantasy Quest session reports from the designer:

Fantasy Quest Session - slow and steady wins the race!

Fantasy Quest Beta test version complete!

Rules Version 1.0 now available

Card breakdown

First Session Report

Fantasy Quest - First Photos

Fantasy Quest Card Sheets - Mega Spoilers

Token Sheets
A brief word on Titles

A brief word on Allies

A brief word on Enemies

A brief word on Actions

A brief word on Stats

What is Fantasy Quest?

Latest hero design:

Latest tile designs/Location deck:

Original board and character designs (note similarity to Defenders of the Realm!), this has all been scrapped as the game is being redesigned as a card game

Original Tile design, once again, these will now be replaced by a card deck, although I'm still waiting for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game to check that the designs aren't too similar to that

Fantasy Quest characters part 1

Fantasy Quest characters part 2

I've implemented the card style using The Sorcerer's Cave game to see if the design works, and I think it's pretty successful so far